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Blue Colorado Spruce.jpeg

The Blue Colorado Spruce is probably our best selling tree! They are ideally suited for privacy screens or as accent trees and are a beautiful green with a hint of blue on there needles. They grow at a slow to medium rate. They can grow up to 24 inches per year and prefer moist- to well drained soil.

Norway Spruce.jpeg

The Norway Spruce is a very fast growing tree. The Norway Spruce can grow 2-3 feet per year and can grow too 100 feet tall! They have a dark green needle that are about 1 inch long and grow the largest cones of any spruce. They prefer moist, sandy, well drained or clay soils!

White Canadian Spruce.jpeg

The Canadian White Spruce has a medium to fast growing rate of about 2 feet plus a year. They have a lighter green needle and has a very strong evergreen smell when crushed. The white spruce is very hardy, long-lived tree and can grow in many soil types!

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